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Karen Harris


Karen Harris-Beauchamp has honed her skills as an entrepreneur and culinary artist from the time of her youth. As a teenager, Karen and her aunt founded a successful restaurant and catering business. In her early adulthood, her execution and leadership skills, along with a wealth of knowledge derived from her experience, enabled her to acquire full ownership and significantly expand restaurant business into one of the most successful catering and event planning businesses.

Karen now focuses her 40 years of restaurant, catering, and event planning experience on consulting small businesses with particular emphasis on social entrepreneurship. She is currently working on her relaunching her most passionate endeavor, Nana K’s Kitchen Seasonings, for cooks and chefs who love robust flavor in their dishes.


Our Legacy

If you are like me, you want to eat healthy but you also want an appetizing flavor. This is what prompted me to create Nana K’s All-Purpose Seasoning. It is subtle, yet it brings the best flavors forward. You won’t need another spice once you use NANA K’s. If you are looking for the taste of mom’s home cooking, then Nana K’s all-purpose seasoning is what you want.

We have fed thousands of people throughout the country and we are proud to say our seasoning remains in the minds of and hearts of customers still craving the flavor today. We look forward to sharing our flavors with not only our loyal past generations, but also future generations.

Karen in Kitchen.jpg

Me and my Late Husband, Joe, in the Kitchen

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